Finseg Offers Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Assessment Services

Anti-Money Laundering


Finseg’s experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of anti-money laundering (“AML”) practices and procedures. In addition to reviewing AML programs, Finseg has provided expert testimony on AML matters and has participated in training conducted by the SEC and FINRA for their examination staff.

Finseg has conducted independent audits of the AML programs of a diverse group of firms, including firms with large retail operations, institutional firms, clearing firms, firms with extensive networks of independent contractors, on-line firms, and firms that engage in proprietary trading and market making activity. Finseg’s audits are risk-based, using comprehensive proprietary modules, which include process and specific transaction testing. Finseg continually updates modules and testing plans in response to new regulatory initiatives, regulators’ stated concerns, and actions brought against firms in this area.

Avoid the common pitfall of a one-size-fits-all approach to AML. Let Finseg help you assess your risk on an ongoing basis and update your AML program to ensure it remains dynamic and appropriate given the business model and risk profile of your firm.